Little BIG Sister


Have you ever wondered what life is like for the siblings? Children who grow up with a brother or sister with a disability have unique childhood experiences. Life is difficult, but add in the stress of living with a brother who has autism, and it can feel impossible at times.  

Discover the highs and lows of being a "Little Big Sister" as you view the world through nine-year-old Katie's eyes. She has an older brother with autism who is loud and acts like a pre-schooler. Katie quickly realizes that most kids just don't "get it" about autism and other disabilities. Find out how Katie, along with her friends Lauren and Bella, are determined to make a difference at their school.  


“This book is not just for children as we have all been touched by or interacted with someone who has special needs.  It offers insight into daily challenges faced by families and the patience, care and understanding that is required each day.” review


"A rare treasure for children who have a sibling with special needs - to know they are not alone" review


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