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Author Visits

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About Presentaions

“Now I Get It” - Uncovering Disabilities

Amy promotes social emotional learning during this interactive visiting author presentation by highlighting self-awareness and social consciousness.  She expertly weaves the themes of disability awareness, the writing process and how kind words and actions can make a remarkable difference in schools and communities. Students are guided to have a deeper understanding of peers who have disabilities. 


Length:  45 minutes - 1 hour 

Grade Levels: 2-5

Setting:  Large group (auditorium) or small group (classroom or library).

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Teacher Testimonial
Teacher Testimonial
Teacher Testimonial
Teacher Testimonial
Teacher Testimonial
Teacher Testimonial
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Add-ons & Other Appearances

Amy offers fun and interactive add-ons to your school visit and other events and presentations for parents and communities.

Classroom Visits
(Extended Q and A)

After the large group presentation, Amy will visit individual classrooms ensuring that all students have an opportunity to ask questions in the comfortable classroom environment.  

Students who have read or listened to Little Big Sister in class prior to the visiting author presentation have a deep connection with the book and often have thoughtful questions that are more suitably asked in the classroom setting rather than the larger group.   

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Video Message to Students


Please share this video message with your students once you’ve selected Little BIG Sister as a read-aloud and reserved a date with Amy for an in-person or virtual Visiting Author Presentation.