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Little Big Sister is a gentle, winning story. It is especially well-suited to classroom use. 

- Blue Ink Review

Whether the reader is a teacher wishing to promote understanding of disabilities or a parent wanting to find resources, McCoy's work will prove to be a treasure.

- US Review of Books

This book belongs in every elementary school classroom.

-Verified Amazon Review

Awards & Reviews

Little BIG Sister

Winner of Next Generation
Indie Book Awards

May 2017

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Little BIG Sister
On The Move 

The Eric Hoffer Award -
onorable Mention, 2020 
Middle Reader category
National Indie Excellence Awards –
Finalist, 2020
Juvenile Fiction category
Amy's TV Interview with Ann Nyberg of WTNH
ASN (Autism Spectrum News) article written by Amy McCoy - Fall 2020

"Siblings of individuals with ASD have specific and unique needs. Keeping communication open, honest and ongoing is a key component when supporting siblings. Providing siblings with opportunities to meet other siblings of individuals with ASD is beneficial in order to decrease feelings of isolation. Planning one on one time with our typically developing children and arranging creative ways for them to socialize comfortably with peers are two approaches that parents can take to support these specific needs. Acknowledging and allowing siblings to express strong emotions helps them to process their emotions and feel better supported."

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Glastonbury Life Article

Breaking Through Special Needs with Christine Astarita

Episode 11: Autism mom and children's author, Amy McCoy, shares her journey as mom and advocate for inclusivity.


S2: Episode 56 - An autism mom & author who is on a mission to generate awareness and inclusion within school systems countrywide through her children's book series.


S2: Episode 38 - Amy McCoy - autism advocate, children’s book author, & how laughter is the best medicine.

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Dancing in the Rain

Appreciating, allowing and accepting the differences of motherhood when children have special needs. Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the Vivian Greene.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keep Right, Except to Pass


The left lane, the fast lane, the passing lane.  My daughter, Kathryn (age 7), is in the left lane – I knew the day would come when she would pass by her older brother, Matthew (age 9).


Matthew takes the special needs van to and from school.  He has been riding this van since he was 3 years old when he started special needs preschool.  He loves it – it’s small, air-conditioned, and usually a grandparent-aged, kind and caring driver talks to Matthew and answers his repertoire of questions during the 5 minute ride to and from school.  Driving in the right lane of course.  Kathryn – she rides the big yellow school bus, zooming down the left lane with the other neighborhood kids.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Top 10 Things Even My Closest Friends Might Not Know About My Life as an Autism Mom

   1.     I call the plumber. All. The. Time.  Matty likes flushing things down the toilet.  Once, he flushed his toothbrush because, “I don’t want to brush my teeth, Mommy,” he told me with his sparkling smile. 

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