Little Big Sister


Meet nine-year-old Katie, the little sister who feels like a big sister. Her eleven-year-old brother, Mikey, has autism. Katie can ride a two-wheeler, but Mikey’s bike still has training wheels. Katie rides the bus to school, while Mikey takes the special needs van. When a new student with special needs joins Katie’s class, she notices that some kids just don’t “get it” about autism and other disabilities. Discover how Katie, along with her friends Lauren and Bella, are determined to make a difference at their school.

Little Big Sister on the Move

Moving to a new state means more than a new house for nine-year-old Katie and her family. There are new friends, a new neighborhood, and fun things to do. It also means new challenges for Katie - she's a "little big sister" to her older brother, Mikey, who has autism. And while most of her new friends are understanding, some people - even grown ups - just don't "get it" about autism. Katie and her friends, both old and new, are ready to spread the word and make a difference in Katie's new community.


This is book 2 in the Little Big

Sister series.


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